Cable gland factory

//Cable gland factory

Cable gland factory

 Cable gland factory, cable ties, Corrugated pipe glands, and other electric products made in China

In order to expand our production capacity and improve our production efficiency, Purchase the latest plastic equipment HAITIAN MARS 2 SERIES MA2500 MA1600  is mainly used for the manufacture of nylon cable ties, waterproof junction boxes of various sizes, reusable cable ties, cable tie mounts, and PG cable heads.
Our company specializes in the production of various plastic products and accepts the customization of customers.

Nylon cable ties factoryCable glands factory
PG cable glands factoryNylon Cable glands factory
PG cable glands manufacturerNylon cable ties manufacturer
Self-locking nylon cable tie
Releasable cable ties A
Marking cable tie
Metric Nylon cable glands M22X1.5
Nylon Cable Glands PG16
Corrugated pipe glands

Corrugated pipe glands