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Cable Gland

Designed according to industry standard EN50262, Oppder Cable Glands are widely used to connect and fasten electrical cable ends to equipment and devices. They are the important entry device for mechanical electrical cables, and used to wire all the electricity. The cable and wire in control system, waterproof junction box, instrumentation data and telecommunication and automation system are sealed as a terminal device to make sure that the cable enters the housing without damage.

Cable glands are widely installed in the waterproof junction box (as picture below 3-1). Its high waterproof rating (up to IP68) can effectively protect the internal equipment like terminals and circuit breaker ect. from dust, water, alcohol, oil, ect. as well as insects and other animals.

Cable glands adopts UL-approved Nylon materials with fire rating UL94V-2. It can be applied in different conditions with temperature range -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C.

There are 15 mounting sizes which can fit different sizes of cables. It can effectively protect the cable entering equipment, cable connecting other cables, and waterproof distribution box of cable distributing. This can greatly reduce cable damage, and avoid electric shock and fire.



• CABLE GLANDS type: Metric , The German made PG, The British made G and America made NPT

• OPPDER cable glands main made the Metric and PG cable glands. All products are UL approved nylon materials in strict accordance with the EN50262 standard production.

• Color: Standard color gray (RAL7035)、Black(RAL9005),Acceptable to customize different colors red, yellow, green, blue

How to choose the size of cable glands.

1. Metric cable glands

Metric cable glands size

Nylon PG Cable Glands size

Nylon PG Cable Glands catalog size

How to achieve the highest waterproof rating

1. Must be equipped with oil resistant nitrile rubber

2. Choose to install waterproof gasket or O-type gasket.

Structure diagram of cable glands

IP68 nylon Cable glands size

IP68 Cable glands size

Cable glands features

Clamping claws and clamping ring body type design, with the tight head assembly time and convenience. Clamping cable range, strong tensile strength, can be waterproof, dust, salt, Naisuan Jian, alcohol, oil, grease and general solvents. Apply to the cable outlet of the fixed protection and sealed dust.

Usage: first wear the body on the board, and then tighten the nut tight, the cable through the tight head, tighten the head to fix it. As picture:

use cable glabd

Using together with waterproof junction box

Using with waterproof junction box

Using with terminals

















Usually used together with the cable glands

A. Waterproof junction box

B. Terminals