WPB IP65 Waterproof junction box

//WPB IP65 Waterproof junction box
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Project Description

WPB IP65 Waterproof junction box

WPB IP65 waterproof junction box weighs just about a quarter of the iron junction box and is easy to install and move. It uses high-performance PVC material to provide high corrosion resistance, IK08 Impact resistance, and excellent insulation.
This junction box has high water resistance up to IP67, high dust resistance, and is suitable for outdoor street light connection, communication wiring, airport, construction, mechanical equipment, outdoor solar equipment and so on.
And also it is mostly used for wires and cable connections. It can be easily installed with terminal blocks, PG cable connectors, Screw-On Wire Connector, power supplies, DIN rails, and surge protectors.
Our company specializes in producing high-quality waterproof junction boxes and PG cable gland. Our products are highly durable, highly waterproof and dustproof. And CE IP67 IK08 ROHS certification.

You will found Installed with four PVC screws it’s for higher water and dust resistance. and also sealing ring of the cyclic polyamine acid material is effective waterproof and dustproof. Internal copper nut for easy placement of DIN rails, terminal and so on. this product an be used with a variety of accessories such as waterproof cable glands, terminals, honeycomb panels,push button switch, panel light, changeover switch etc.