Cable Markers, PVC Tubes, Wire End Caps

///Cable Markers, PVC Tubes, Wire End Caps
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Spiral Wrapping Bands | Cable Markers | PVC Heat Shrinkable Sleeve | Heat Shrinkable Tubings | Vinyl Wire End Caps

Soft plastic Cable Markers can be printed with A to Z and 0-9 for marking the different wire. Anti-oil and anti-corrosion Cable Markers can withstand a high temperature of 85 °C. The Cable Markers inner has a flexible design that available range for wire size ranging from EC-0 (2.0~3.2mm); EC-1 (3.0~4.2mm); EC-2 (3.6~7.4mm); EC-3 (5.2~10mm); EC-J (0.5~7mm).

Spiral Wrapping Bands PE material winding tube, white color can be customized for different colors. It is available in diameters from 6mm to 30mm. The winding tube can be conveniently used in complex circuits to make the distribution box clean and tidy. The standard packaging of the winding tube is 10 meters, and the inner packaging is a plastic bag and an outer packaging carton.

Our company’s multi-color vinyl wire end caps are made of high-quality soft PVC material that is bright and fading-free, with a variety of different colors to distinguish between different wire lines. Our company’s vinyl wire end cap products have a high pass rate, and the standard specifications are applicable to different sizes of terminals insulation of V1.25-V500. The flame retardant vinyl wire end cap has good insulation and durability.

Insulated heat-shrink tubing for the connection of insulated wires and wires, terminals and wire connectors. The heat shrinkable tube PVC material is soft and easy to install. PVC heat-shrinkable tube is suitable for temperature range -55 ° C to 125 ° C, temperature class 125 ° C, shrinkage temperature 110 ° C, transverse shrinkage ≤ 50%, longitudinal shrinkage ≤ 80%. Heat shrink tubing is available in a variety of colors.