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Without even thinking, price is one of the most important point during business. We do not be the highest, but also not be the lowest. We always trust that within our well-pleasing services, customers are bound to feel worthy of OPPDER.

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Quality completely decide the development of company.  Absolutely, good quality is based on all items, we OPPDER staff seriously control all links during production. Except that, we usually have kinds of quality trainings, meetings that improve and warn all of us.

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We are aim at supplying all customers high quality goods, and timely shipment. Because here we have a strong and advantageous land transportation lines, meanwhile, it just take us 2hours to Ningbo port and 7hours to Shanghai port.


OPPDER, OEM is offered.


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Supplier Insulated Terminals, Cable Grand, Cable Clips, Wiring Ducts, Wire Connectors, Electric Tools, Waterproof connector, Cable lugs.
Nylon Cable Tie

Self-locking nylon cable ties, Releasable cable ties, Marker nylon cable ties, Knot cable ties, Mountable head ties, Stainless steel cable ties

Nylon PG cable glands, Brass cable glands,Nylon cable glands metric,Nylon cable glands MG, Cable gland with strain relief…

Circle cable clips, Flat cable clips, TE cable clips, Coaxial cable clips, K-type circle cable clips…

Cable markers

Spiral wrapping bands, Cable markers, PVC heat shrinkable sleeve, Heat shrinkable tubings, Vinyl wire end caps…

Terminal blocks

Quick wire connectors, Twist-on wire connector, Wire nuts, Terminal blocks…

Miniature circuit breaker C45N 6A 16A 20A to 63A ,1Pole 2Pole 3Pole 4Pole MCB …

Distributions box

Waterproof junction box, Metal waterproof panel board, Plastic consumer units , Distributions boards, Plug-in consumer units, Load centers…

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 63A 100A 250A 400A , 3pole 4pole MCCB,…

LC1 D18 Magnetic AC Contactor

SN magnetic AC contactor, CJX9 Air condition AC contactor,  GMC AC contactors, CJX2N magnetic AC contactor, LC1 magnetic AC contactor…

Insulated cord end terminals, Insulated piggy back disconnects, Insulated male disconnects, Copper tube terminals SC, Insulated ring terminals, Insulated pin terminals…